There is so much that I am constantly going through, because this life always treat me unfair, with many trials I’ve already endured, including the cross that I am trying to bear.

I’m crying out from my deepest sleep, but no one doesn’t seem to care, and I feel I’m in the bottomless pit, wanting love that my husband won’t spare.

How much longer will I have to suffer? When my spirit is so filled with grief, and how much longer will I have to wrestle, before You decide to finally send relief?

Look at the birds that are flying high, in the sky where they want to be, and they’re traveling in the wind so peacefully, but either way they’re doing better than me.

Although I’m broken I won’t turn to violence, because I’m looking to some better days, and I will never speak no more about it, but just sit and rather suffer in silence.



I never thought that your trouble would come so soon, but yes that could’ve been me, and now I’m struck with sorrow because your life is doomed although it could’ve been me. The choices that we make we’ll get what we choose because yes that could’ve been me, but my heart did fail me when I heard the news because I’m thinking that it could’ve been me. Tears are falling because it is hard to say that yes that could’ve been me, but the Lord was gracious when He sent me away because yes that could’ve been me. But I’m alive and able to say this today, that yes it could’ve been me, buried six feet under where my body would stay because yes that could’ve me. What a horrible tragic and a big surprise because yes that could’ve been me, and my eyes could be closed and not see the sun rise, because yes that could’ve been me. But the Lord showed mercy when He heard my cries because yes that could’ve me, and in hell I could’ve been lifting my eyes, because yes that could’ve been me.


Who is the man that I’m sitting here writing about late at night with poetic lyrics? the man who is standing all by himself and the man with the quiet spirit? The man that I see who is passing by me leaves a question mark on my face, because he really does have me curious, keeping my thoughts in a secret place. He will never know that I am watching, and he will never know what I can see, he will never know what I am hoping, because it just may not ever be. Though my mind may be constantly roaming, like the waves that are in the sea, he might not be the man that’s for me, but a withered and a fruitless tree. How could I know what would ever happen? Or what a person in this life will face? but for now I rather choose to better myself, and keep my thoughts in a secret place.


If you only could’ve spoken in your final hour before the lights had begin to grow dim, and if you only could’ve told me what the feeling was like, when you had traveled to the spiritual realm. Where are you dwelling, are you feeling alone, or are you bowing at the Master’s feet? are you singing with the angels with a harp in your hand or are you resting in eternal peace? Show me where you are and just lead the way to where your body has been properly laid, because I want to know if everything is well with you, or are you begging to come out of your grave? If only you could see me and just pick up the phone because your spirit has not fallen asleep; if only heaven could be opened in the visions of night to make a way for us that you can be reached.


If I go to work quiet and appear in a daze then just know that I am being myself, and when it’s close to mother nature and I’m set in my ways then keep calm because I’m being myself. If I really don’t like you and I push you away then just know that I am being myself, and if you try to come around me it will not be okay, because I’m only really being myself. I don’t care what others think because I know all my strengths and my flaws I know them all too well, but I will soar like an eagle through the storm of this life, and through Christ I know that I’ll prevail. I can only be the woman I was destine to be because I’ll never be anything else, and if you ever get offended then don’t take it to heart, because I’m only just being myself.

Vicky Robinson

So Am I

I never thought I’d be the one to speak this way about you, but I’ve allowed too many things to build up, and I’m long overdue by keeping it all inside, but now I’m venting and just had enough. It was you who were calling reaching out to me and never once did I reach out to you first, but you only came around me being so unhappy, looking for me to satisfy your lust. But to me you’re like a dead man cold and stiff who is awaiting to be put in a hearse, and if anybody call or ever mention your name, then to me they are pronouncing a curse. Now I’m really feeling good since it’s over and done, though I shouldn’t even scoop to your level, but it’s time that I expose all the things that you done, because it’s nothing but the works of the devil. If you think you’re so much better or too good for me, and think it’s hard for me to say goodbye, just remember it was you reaching out to me so if you’re thinking that then so am I.

Just Let Me Prove It To You

The way you touch my body it just make me so weak but most of all I am happy you’re here, and the way you cuddle with me while we’re lying in bed, makes me feel really good my dear. The way that you embrace me when you walk through the door, have my spirit feeling light as a feather, and the way you warm my body as my temperature rises, burn me up when we are together. The way you look at me when you utter your words give me chills when I hear your voice, and the way i kiss your lips and caress your tongue very gentle though it’s nice and moist. Stop running because you’ll never have nothing to fear but let me show you all that I can do, and I will teach you things that no other woman could do if you would just let me prove it to you.

imageVicky Robinson

If You Had Only Opened Up To Me

I need to know if we are close, are we getting together or do you only want to be my friend? You’re disappearing like a ghost and it’s wasting my time because I feel like I am chasing the wind. My time is being spent dreaming that I have you and you’re my only source of inspiration, but now I see your fruit has falling from the top of the tree, forbidden fruit that is my temptation. I need to know where we stand or do I need to give up because I don’t know the truth about you, and I’m sick of holding you in the depth of my soul, being attached to my heart like glue. There’s no need to explain but you should’ve been honest and after that you could’ve walked away free, because you would’ve felt better being a man about it if you had only opened up to me.

imageVicky Robinson

What I Would Do For Love

Even though we don’t speak everyday of the week, and we communicate but once in awhile, your presence give me peace with the love that you bring, and plus I love your dedication and style. There is something very special that is planted in you and I’m that water who will bring it to life, and my body has been kept, being reserved for you, being ignited for that special night. Though my thoughts are always wondering when I’m thinking about you, I’m just ready for you to see the light, and as I’m constantly praying to God on the behalf of you, hopefully then He would give you insight. Your spirit is so sweet that it calms the storm and you’re the one that I am thinking of, because I’ll give you everything and every part of me, and that is what I would do for love.

imageVicky Robinson

The Beauty That Is Deep Within

I am always complimented for the way that I look and for the photos everybody would paste, but I’m becoming very tired when I’m constantly hearing about my body and my pretty face. I want to be noticed for my God given talent, and how I never let it go down to waste, and I want to be noticed for the life that I’m living, and the dreams that I am trying to chase. Would you think that I am pretty if I’m sitting at home without my makeup and not looking my best? Would you think that I am pretty in the early mornings with my pajamas and my hair in a mess? Looks can be deceiving because not only that, but it’s my heart that you are trying to win, and stop looking at the beauty on the outer appearance and search the beauty that is deep within.

Vicky Robinson