God is so kind enough to let us live on earth, and we should have love for one another, and it shouldn’t matter whether a person is tall or short, and it shouldn’t matter about the size or color. We have all been taught so many different things, but respect should be given to others, and we should all be united being true to ourselves and being at peace with our sisters and brothers. With the love that I have there is no limit and my heart will reach out to others, and I will always take the time to help someone, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a different color. God could bless you with someone who would be good to you no matter if they are black or white, and we should never worry about what other people are saying but just do what we know that is right. You are my brothers and you are my sisters, and I will never treat you so unkind, because we were all created and made from dust and my love for you is colorblind.

Vicky Robinson

10 thoughts on “Colorblind

  1. I love this! Being color blind is being a bridge builder… It requires looking below the surface to really see a person… It takes courage… It’s also so much more rewarding than accepting what the group thinks and it leads to varied and vibrant relationships! I know! I come from Montreal, an International city, where the opportunities to have multilingual conversations are a common occurrence! Vive la diffĂ©rence!! On a besoin de l’un et de l’autre!

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  2. Yes, Vicky, you share some very powerful words! Whether we think we are part of a mixed salad, or part of a melting pot, humanity must learn to move beyond what we don’t think we like of a person due to our family preferences, or whether we have fear or past frustrations of others, we can work on accepting the person for what is inside of them, and do our best to help bring out their best.

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