Who can I call a friend?

Who can I call a friend, when there is trouble on every end, and when my heart aches deep within, from being hurt all over again? Who can I call my own, when I am feeling so all alone, with pain going down my bones, during the nights when i weep and groan? Where can I find some rest, when each day I face a new test, even though God knows what is best, because my life is such a big mess? Now tell me who can I trust, without spreading things like it is dust, but who will allow it to get old and rust, and who will keep things just between us? Who can I call and say, that I love you in a Godly way, and that I think about you everyday, and that everything is going to be okay? Who will dry my eyes, in the middle of the midnight skies, and my flaws they won’t despise, but who will be there right by my side? Who will love me until the end, with a shoulder that I can depend, and be there through thick and thin, now who can I call a friend?image

Vicky Robinson

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