Marble Eyes

My eyes have been with me for many years and they will always be here to stay, but I will never get the chance to see you again because the Lord has taken you away. There are so many different type of memories, that I will forever cherish each day, and I will testify what my eyes have seen as I remember you in a special way. You was like a rose that was among the thorns of life and like a star that sits high above, and you was a heart that reached out to many people, and a heart that was filled with love. I wish you could’ve waited until I seen you again but now you’re gone on your special journey, but when my time is over in this precious world then I will join you throughout eternity. You was like a dove that brought peace to everyone, and brought beauty into the pleasant skies, and now I see you rejoicing with the angels in heaven with these honey sweet marble eyes.


Vicky Robinson

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