This Too Shall Pass

My life is so filled with sunshine, but I know that I will see some rain, and the weather is not always warm outside because the seasons do also change. There are times when this life gets the best of us but situations never stays the same, and whenever I’m feeling like I want to give up, I never cease to call the Lord by His name. As I live my days on earth, there are some things that I won’t forget, but I will spend my time very wisely, because I may never know what to expect. I know that I will have to grow old one day as the years just passes me by, and I know that my spirit will have to leave someday and return back to the sky. Even friends won’t always be around that long though they promise that they’ll always stay, but the Lord will send new people in your life while the others go about their way. I have learned so many valuable lessons in life that my troubles won’t always last, and I will never stop keeping my head up high because I know that this too shall pass.

imageVicky Robinson

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