The End Of Summer

I knew that I would soon grow weary, before the summer had first began, because I was thinking to myself about the bugs and the flies and another hot year again. It would’ve been better if I was home enjoying my time by relaxing in some cool blue water, or going to the beach and just kicking the sand, and thinking about some food to order. But I am here in a place where nobody knows surrounded by the wolves and deer, with creatures that are flying all over the place and where the heat is just so severe. But the time will come when the days are shorter and the nights will be very longer, because it is a sign that Autumn is on its way to fulfill my desires and hunger. I will lay back as I watch the time goes by to enjoy all of these signs and wonders, because the leaves are beginning to change their color and now I know that it’s the end of summer.


Vicky Robinson

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