I Know That You Can Set Me Free

There are times when I pray and cry out to you and there are times when I feel you don’t hear, but God I wish that you would speak or either show me a vision, or you could either let me know that you’re near. God I brought things on myself and that I must admit but just know that I am being sincere, and I pray that you will heal me bringing peace in my life and I pray that my deliverance is near. There is a timing set for everything in all that you do because you’re wise and you know what is best, but I am slipping everyday hoping that I will change from these ways that I know you detest. Right now I’m feeling weak and very troubled inside because I just want to find some rest, wanting you to build me up and bringing me through this journey showing me what it means to be blessed. All I’m really asking is to live again, so you can show me how sweet it can be, and to teach me all your ways and how to live for you because I know that you can set me free.


Vicky Robinson

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