The Lord’s Supper

This day will always be special to me but I am wondering how could this be, that the Lord would prepare a great dinner for me in the year of two thousand and three. It is not that I seem to doubt him because I just know that my master is able, and it feels good that I was counted so worthy enough just to sit at my master’s table. There were other guest there besides me, who wasn’t expecting this big surprise, and we were all dressed up with drinks in our hands and with food right before our eyes. Our king was standing up before us, with a crown sitting on his head, and we gave thanks to God and begin to sit down to start eating unleavened bread. We had corn on the cob with butter, with some good smelling black eyed peas, and we had a bowl full of mash potatoes, with home made macaroni and cheese. We was having a good time and laughing so hard at the jokes that was very funny, and we had a roasted lamb on the table, with a ham that was glazed with honey. There were fresh fruit sitting on the table, with ham hock and some pinto beans, and roast beef with mushrooms and gravy, with a pot full of collard greens. I didn’t think my Savior had it in him, and I didn’t think that he could be so cool, but he told me that he created all things, and that he knew about some good old soul food. We had red velvet and some chocolate cakes, and there were many chocolate peanut clusters, and I will forever remember this time that I had with my Savior at the Lord’s Supper.


Vicky Pittard


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