I Know That I’ve Been Redeemed

I know that I look so different, like a pure young innocent lamb, but I give all the glory to my father, for making me who I am. Even though I’ve had some problems, I am so blessed to be here today, and it feels good to know that I’m smiling because I haven’t always been that way. God picked me up and saved me, and he has turned my life around, because he looked upon the sins that covered me and showed his love by reaching down. With open arms I ran right to him, because he knew that I was sincere, and he didn’t allow anything to stop me, because he wanted to draw me near. I was so ashamed for the things that I’d done, and for the bad words that I use to say, but the Lord had gently said to me that he has washed my sins away. He has gone to prepare a place for me, a place that I’ve never seen, but I will always keep on smiling, because I know that I’ve been redeemed.


Vicky Robinson

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