The Sky Is No Longer The Limit

You make me feel as though things will get better for me and that everything will be alright, because I feel calm and relaxed when I talk to You concerning everything about my life. You know my ways and my motives in whatever I do, though some things will never go my way, but You taught me that my words can bring life or death and they can even make the winds obey. As I stand to observe my face in the mirror I realize that I’m my own opponent, but God you like it when I search a little deeper within as I share with You my precious moments. I’ve been judged and criticised about many things, and had to endure many trials and rumors, but Lord you know that I’m sweet and very humble inside, and that I also have a sense of humor. But as long as You know me then that’s all that matter, as life continue every second and minute, but I believe that I can jump over the biggest mountain, because the sky is no longer the limit.

Vicky Robinson

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