A Love That Is So Divine

Life is not about the money but only the love that is hidden inside, and life is all about learning and persevering with a stable mind. As I look back over the years that passed and at the time that I constantly waisted, the Lord showed me that I’m here and still alive today because he said to me that I would make it. The Lord has always protected me and he strengthens me when I am weak, and nothing can stop me from praising him and worshipping at his feet. He has given me so much to live for and has promised to make me whole, and he has given me the keys to Zion, to walk the streets that are paved with gold. He has seated me heavenly places and he has covered me with his favor, but I will always be God’s daughter, and the Lord shall be my Savior. You may search the whole world forever, but real love is so hard to find, but I will always remain in Jesus, who has a love that is so divine.

Vicky Pittard


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