This Great Big Heart Of Mines

Most people don’t understand how I’m feeling sometimes and they don’t know what is on my mind, and they don’t bother asking me if I’m feeling okay or either ask me if I need some time. Though It seems like I have it together, and that my heart will never feel any pain, but deep inside I am under the weather, because my eyes are pouring down with rain. My thoughts are always partly cloudy, and everyday there’s a chance of rain, with thunderstorms moving in with lightning, and my mind is just going insane. But it won’t stop me from reaching out to others, or giving others a better chance, to try again if they fail the first time, being determine that they will advance. No matter how hard it may get, clearer skies will appear in time, and I will be right there to console you, with this great big heart of mines.

Vicky Robinson

5 thoughts on “This Great Big Heart Of Mines

  1. “But it won’t stop me from reaching out to others, and giving others a better chance”
    I love this line! We can and should love others even in our own pain. If you have time check out my Instagram for the #golovesomeone challenge. I think you would like it 🙂

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