When I think about the Lord and his promises, and on the prophecies that he’s fulfilling, I will never have to dread about the judgement day because I know that I’ve been forgiven. He has appointed me to run this race, but at the end I will soon be leaving, to enter that wonderful city, that is more beautiful than the Garden Of Eden. This place is called the New Jerusalem, and where the sun will never have to shine, because the glory of the Lord will fill the earth and I will never have to worry about dying. Sickness will be banished forever, and graveyards I will never see, and I will have a resurrected new body, because my days will be the days of a tree. The Lord will dwell amongst his people forever, and everything shall be made just right, and all the people will rejoice together, and live at peace in a paradise.

Vicky Pittard


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