Cast The First Stone

There was a time when I was lost and had nothing to fear because the Lord I wasn’t trying to reach, and I remember when I use to be righteous on Sunday but still sinning everyday of the week. There are many in the church who confess to be saints but they are living a life full of deceit, and they’re the first to enter church every Sunday morning praising God when he is under their feet. A murderer you would cast out of heaven, and fornicators you would judge them too, a homosexual you would look down on, not knowing that Jesus also died for them too. Who are you to think you’re better than others? When you have probably done the same things too, so let us stop pointing the finger at others, when you’ve committed sins greater than you. Let the Lord be the God in heaven, because only he can be the judge alone, and we have all fallen short of his glory, but if you haven’t then you cast the first stone.

Vicky Robinson

3 thoughts on “Cast The First Stone

  1. Wow this is awesome. I think the same things very often. We are stuck with the obsession of looking outward, when the message was to look within. Look at our own souls and see they are covered in the same stains we see on those around us. Who here has not sinned? Who is here is perfect? None 🙂 so we should humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness. Ask it of God, and ask it of ourselves.

    Beautiful words and awesome photo. Thank you for sharing. May God bless you.

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