Row Your Boat

I will tell the world about this famous love story, about the day when we had first met, when you were standing outside of my window, like we was Romeo and Juliet. This will never be an ending story, since we’re now happily ever after, and our love is surely overflowing, as we move into another chapter. You departed to go your way, due to a business you had put aside, but you had promised that you would come back to me though the journey would be a difficult ride. But now that the snow is falling, and by knowing that you’re far away, I am now becoming disappointed, but you told me you were on your way. You was looking for a bus to bring you back but it would hinder you from being on time, and you was looking for a plane to fly home to me, but a plane was too hard to find. But just know that I’m home waiting up for you in lingerie and a nice mink coat, and I have a candlelight dinner waiting just for you so pull your pedals out and row your boat.

Vicky Robinson

4 thoughts on “Row Your Boat

  1. My! What long lenses you have! You wouldn’t remember the lens size and exposure, would you? Beautiful image… It justt so happens, my best friend’s name is ‘Romeo’… And he’s quite the charmer 🙂

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