Prison Blues

In my heart I always knew you took my kindness for weakness and was living for your own selfish way, but in my heart you’re like a prisoner who’ve committed a crime and now your freedom has been taken away. You have time on your hands to reminisce about things that we shared and once had together, but once again in my heart you have been sentenced to life without parole from my life forever. Tears will be your drink as you wish for me, praying to God hoping I will appear, and if you try to dial my number I will never be there, but an operator will be all that you hear. You are living in a cell called a broken heart, and your prayers will only be in vain, and the only thing that I am returning to you are false dreams weighed down with chains. My fame will soon spread all over the world and you will soon begin to hear the news, because I’m singing many songs about the joy that i have, while you’re singing those prison blues.

Vicky Robinson

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