If You’re Gone Tomorrow

I never told you how much I love and appreciate you and how I’ve seen the way your life has groomed, and I am blessed amongst the women in this world today every since I was released from your womb. Throughout the years there were trials and tribulations for us but eventually we had made it through, and you could never be replaced with nothing else in this world and no one else could take the place of you. As a child you had raised me and you taught me well though your teachings I didn’t listen to, but I’m a woman and I’m strong and I am blessed today because your teaching finally carried me through. I am honoring your life while you are here today and plan to be there until the end, because I never want to wait until it’s finally too late visiting your grave and talking to the wind. I never want to have any regrets, nor do I want to be filled with sorrow, so Mom I’m telling you I love you today, just in case if you’re gone tomorrow.

Vicky Robinson

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