You’re Beautiful Just The Way That You Are

There are women who desire to have a perfect body and there are many who have taken chances, and there are some who have spent many thousands of dollars just to achieve that Hollywood look. There’s nothing wrong with making any changes, and feeling good about whatever you do, and there’s nothing wrong with trying to feel sexy, just as long as you’re doing it for you. But just know it doesn’t bring about happiness, though it appears to be very impressing, because by having that hourglass figure, it may still bring a life of depression. By enhancing your breast or buttocks, there is something you should understand, that although you may want to feel confident, it will never help you keep a man. A man is going to follow his own mind, and he will do what he wants to do, and if he cheated while your breast was smaller, then he will cheat while they’re bigger too. Learn to appreciate the way that God made you, because in his eyes you’re a rising star, but if you really want to know my opinion, then you’re beautiful just the way that you are.


Vicky Pittard


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