Crying Myself To Sleep

Every car that passes by I am watching and peeping and I have my blinds opened up wide, and late at night I am tossing and I’m turning and weeping and I’m moving from side to side. I’m overtaken and I’m weak because I’m blinded by love and my friends they sit and watch in horror, because I’m acting like someone who has ceased from drugs and now I’m shaking like I’m having withdrawals. Whenever my phone starts to ring I am thinking it’s you but when it’s not I start feeling despair, because I’m walking around town talking to myself, hallucinating when you’re not even there. Every person that I meet I am thinking it’s you but it’s someone else who I’m seeing instead, and there are strangers who are passing and they’re offering me money because they think I’m standing begging for bread. Love doesn’t last forever but these feelings that I’m having for you is so deep, because I can’t seem to shut or to close my eyes without crying myself to sleep.

Vicky Robinson

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