A Sweet Memorial

So many people on this earth cannot handle depression and they sit to write a full page letter, and they’re expressing their feelings and saying there final goodbyes because they feel that only death is better. Many families are torn and even brokenhearted because they wish they could’ve changed their minds, but you are not to be blamed nor should you blame yourself when they had never really showed any signs. Although they walk around filled with laughter, and their life may appear to be brighter, but deep inside they could harbor a secret, not knowing their thoughts are very suicidal. We should be still and pay attention to others, and give everyone a listening ear, because one word can change a life forever, and one word just may keep them here. But to the one who’s thinking death is better, please live your life and try to think things over, and to the one who have ended their own lives, I offer this as a sweet memorial.


Vicky Pittard


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