Do You Ever Really Think About Us?

Do you remember the times when we were sipping on wine and when our life together seemed to be fine? Do you remember the days when you would sit down and gaze into my eyes that had you so amazed? Do you remember the months when we would go out for lunch and go to parties where they spiked up the punch? Do you remember the years when we had fun and no fears and when you whispered sweet words in my ears? Do you remember that dress, on the night we had sex, and how your sweat was running down on my chest? Do you remember the parks, where we would go after dark, when there was nothing that could keep us apart? Do you remember the fights and the way we would fuss though we loved each other so very much? Do you remember those things or meditate on these things or do you ever really think about us?

imageVicky Robinson

4 thoughts on “Do You Ever Really Think About Us?

  1. Thank you for following The Ruminant Scribe. I appreciate your taking the time to read thoughts about our life and Jesus Christ. I have read several of your posts here and am so glad that you found me — now I can read your writing, and it is beautiful. Thanks again and blessings to you this day. Linda

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