Traded Places

We use to ride our bikes and we played together but growing up you was my childhood friend, and you had everything that a girl could’ve wanted and I tried everything to fit in. I tried to be like you in so many ways and you was the Apple of everyone’s eyes, because you dressed very well and had many friends, but for me everybody despised. You always kept your hair very neat and pretty and people followed you around each day, but for me I was tall and I was very skinny and people treated me like a castaway. I didn’t have any friends to hang out with me nor was i popular in school at all, and I didn’t have stylish clothes that would please the crowd but you were always at the mall. We’re all grown up and we’re living our lives and haven’t heard from each other in years, but when I finally saw a photo and i knew it was you, it nearly brought me right down to tears. You’re no longer the popular girl that you use to be nor do you dress anymore to impress, and you have lost so much weight and you’re looking distress, and your hair is not looking its best. You once had many people that were praising you but now your life is gone down to waste, but now everybody seems to be loving me and it seems that we have traded places.



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