A Man That I Can Call My Own

It’s not easy watching others who are so in love and seeing women spending time with their man, and it’s not easy being at the movie sitting all by myself and seeing others sitting holding hands. It’s not easy dressing up and I’m shopping alone when they’re others who are making some plans, and it’s not easy cooking dinners when it’s only just me, and something that I just can’t understand. It’s not easy having a calling from the Lord on my life because everyday I am paying the price, by dying to my flesh which is so very painful but I had to make that sacrifice. It’s not easy knowing that someday that my time will be up and then eventually God will call me home, but before that day will come I just want to be happy and have a man that I can call my own.



2 thoughts on “A Man That I Can Call My Own

  1. Hmm, so what are you doing to ‘get in front of that available man’?
    My son said to me oneday ” so how many guys do you meet when you are at home mom? Show your faith and go out”….it was meant as do stuff, enjoy life and someone will be attracted to the you, that is enjoying life.” Step out in faith!
    Loved this post…resonates with me!

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