Everyday When I am Thinking About You

For the vision is set for an appointed time no matter how very long it takes, because I know that the Lord watch over His word, and He promise that He won’t be late. The dreams that the Lord has revealed to me is fulfilled right before my eyes, but there is someone that I know that’s still apart of me, and the thought of him just will not die. You’re like a magnet that is pulling and I’m constantly fighting, because I want to leave it all behind, and you really didn’t love me which is alright with me, because without you I am doing just fine. Timing is the key that will bring some relief, but it’s taking such a very long time, and patience is the key that will bring me some peace, and hopefully then it would keep me in line. But i plan to stay away though you taught me a lesson of the things that I should not do, to be so quick to fall in love and I’m always reminded, everyday when I am thinking of you.

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