Last Day Upon The Earth

Spring is finally here and I’m enjoying the weather by meditating and enjoying this time, and I’m spending many days while I’m thinking about things, that has never really crossed my mind. Though my gift and my talent is to write about things and to express what I’m feeling this day, but I want to be prepared when the rapture occur and when the Lord come and snatch me away. Everything that I’ve done has been nailed to the cross and my past is hid and buried away, but for those who I’ve hurt from the past to the present there is something that I’ll like to say. I’m sorry if I hurt or I made you feel bad that made you fall or even go astray, and I’m sorry if I failed to be sincere to you though my motive was to never betray. I’m sorry if you felt i only thought of myself not making it good but only made things worse, because I want to make sure that everything is right if it’s my last day upon the earth.



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