You Wish That You Could Talk To Me

I bet you’re wishing that you could come and talk to me when you are lonely and you’re trapped in the house, because even though my son is taking care of you, he’s living freely and he’s out and about. You are bored while you’re taking care of two little children but the problem is you’re running your mouth, and you thought it was okay to sit and disrespect me, when you should’ve tried to figure me out. But now that I am gone and I’m out of the picture has for me been the perfect blessing, because I’m still enjoying life by not dealing with you, and I truly hope you’ve learned a lesson. You caused many problems between my son and I but even in that I am not even stressing, because the life that I’m living is a daily submission, and nobody will not keep me from pressing. Respect should be given to the person it’s due and maybe one day you’ll begin to see, that wisdom come with age to the one who’s experienced, and now you wish that you could talk to me.


Vicky Pittard