Just Let Me Prove It To You

The way you touch my body it just make me so weak but most of all I am happy you’re here, and the way you cuddle with me while we’re lying in bed, makes me feel really good my dear. The way that you embrace me when you walk through the door, have my spirit feeling light as a feather, and the way you warm my body as my temperature rises, burn me up when we are together. The way you look at me when you utter your words give me chills when I hear your voice, and the way i kiss your lips and caress your tongue very gentle though it’s nice and moist. Stop running because you’ll never have nothing to fear but let me show you all that I can do, and I will teach you things that no other woman could do if you would just let me prove it to you.

imageVicky Robinson


If You Had Only Opened Up To Me

I need to know if we are close, are we getting together or do you only want to be my friend? You’re disappearing like a ghost and it’s wasting my time because I feel like I am chasing the wind. My time is being spent dreaming that I have you and you’re my only source of inspiration, but now I see your fruit is falling from the top of the tree, forbidden fruit that is my temptation. I need to know where we stand or do I need to give up because I don’t know the truth about you, and I’m sick of holding you in the depth of my soul, being attached to my heart like glue. There’s no need to explain but you should’ve been honest and after that you could’ve walked away free, because you would’ve felt better being a man about it if you had only opened up to me.

imageVicky Robinson

What I Would Do For Love

Even though we don’t speak everyday of the week, and we communicate but once in awhile, your presence give me peace with the love that you bring, and plus I love your dedication and style. There is something very special that is planted in you and I’m that water who will bring it to life, and my body has been kept, being reserved for you, being ignited for that special night. Though my thoughts are always wondering when I’m thinking about you, I’m just ready for you to see the light, and as I’m constantly praying to God on the behalf of you, hopefully then He would give you insight. Your spirit is so sweet that it calms the storm and you’re the one that I am thinking of, because I’ll give you everything and every part of me, and that is what I would do for love.

imageVicky Robinson