Just Let Me Prove It To You

The way you touch my body it just make me so weak but most of all I am happy you’re here, and the way you cuddle with me while we’re lying in bed, makes me feel really good my dear. The way that you embrace me when you walk through the door, have my spirit feeling light as a feather, and the way you warm my body as my temperature rises, burn me up when we are together. The way you look at me when you utter your words give me chills when I hear your voice, and the way i kiss your lips and caress your tongue very gentle though it’s nice and moist. Stop running because you’ll never have nothing to fear but let me show you all that I can do, and I will teach you things that no other woman could do if you would just let me prove it to you.

imageVicky Robinson

One thought on “Just Let Me Prove It To You

  1. Hard 2 say, I have no trust, I must, yet my heart has become dusk, NO love, No Hate, Just cold , in a cold world. They showed me so how can U prove it .

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