So Am I

I never thought I’d be the one to speak this way about you, but I’ve allowed too many things to build up, and I’m long overdue by keeping it all inside, but now I’m venting and just had enough. It was you who were calling reaching out to me and never once did I reach out to you first, but you only came around me being so unhappy, looking for me to satisfy your lust. But to me you’re like a dead man cold and stiff who is awaiting to be put in a hearse, and if anybody call or ever mention your name, then to me they are pronouncing a curse. Now I’m really feeling good since it’s over and done, though I shouldn’t even scoop to your level, but it’s time that I expose all the things that you done, because it’s nothing but the works of the devil. If you think you’re so much better or too good for me, and think it’s hard for me to say goodbye, just remember it was you reaching out to me so if you’re thinking that then so am I.

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