Loving You From A Distant

I don’t know where all the trouble keeps coming from and what the problem is all about, and I’ve been doing everything just to hold my peace by sitting quietly as a mouse. Every time I turn around it’s the very same people who just want to see my anger aroused, but when I finally stop speaking and not dealing with you, then hopefully then you would figure it out. You’re like a scab that never heal with burning coal in my eyes and white vinegar in between my teeth, and you’ve always been so hateful carrying a jealous heart, that only shows me that your mind is weak. If you would only take the time just to look at yourself and maybe then you’ll be able to see, that although you are old and advanced in age, that you could never live your life through me. Just love your own life whether young or old because our life could be gone in an instant, but I will give you the respect that you so deserve, and just keep loving you from a distant.


Vicky Pittard


The Beauty That Is Deep Within

I am always complimented for the way that I look and for the photos everybody embrace, but I’m becoming very tired when I’m constantly hearing about my body and my pretty face. I want to be noticed for my God given talent, and how I never let it go down to waste, and I want to be noticed for the life that I’m living and for the dreams that I am trying to chase. Would you think that I am pretty if I was sitting at home without my makeup and not looking my best? And would you think that I am pretty in the early mornings with my pajamas and my hair in a mess? Looks can be deceiving and not only that, but it’s my heart that you are trying to win, and stop looking at the beauty on the outer appearance and search the beauty that is deep within.

Vicky E. Pittard